Democratic political consultant Carl Wagner warns that “the GOP is letting Millennials slip away.” He’s not the first person to make this claim—but in drawing on history to argue that Millennials’ progressive leanings are indicative of a deep-seated generational shift, his analysis is particularly strong.


Columnist Kathleen Parker blames the parents of college students for the current spate of campus controversies. She says it’s their fault students are too “thin-skinned”—but this misses the fact that what’s happening is just as much about the Millennial-driven desire for inclusion as it is about sensitivity.

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Workers who completed a corporate mindfulness course lost just 70 minutes per week to unproductivity, compared to 117 minutes before taking the course. Granted, this finding comes from a company that sells these kinds of courses—but it fits right in with the growing belief that mindfulness is the key to personal and professional success.


Major brands such as Royal Caribbean and BMW are live-streaming ad campaigns and product demos, despite embarrassing hiccups like lags and online heckling. The occasional egg-on-my-face moment may be worth it considering the alternative: paying for traditional or online ads that people might not even see.


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The number of state-sponsored cyberattacks on the U.S. government is rising, paving the way for a never-before-seen form of warfare.

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