A 45-year-old father of four writes about why he chose to get a tattoo, something that is becoming more common among Xers even as many of them approach their 60s. His explanation for why his generation celebrating aging with ink is classic Gen X: “If denial is a stage of grief, then a defiant, permanent piece of body art is a way to step past denial.”

New Hampshire Magazine

Lara Rutherford-Morrison, an ‘80s baby, lists 12 reasons why Xers shouldn’t be afraid of her generation. She makes some good points: Millennials don’t spell doom for the workplace (contrary to popular opinion, they aren’t job-hoppers), they want teamwork and cooperation from their political leaders, and early-wavers share many of the same cultural touchstones as younger Xers.


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon thinks that technological innovation is absolutely necessary, even if it does erase some jobs, saying, “There are downsides to flying. People die every now and then. Do you want to stop all flights?” Dimon makes a good point: Even though certain jobs will undoubtedly be lost to automation, the ability to produce more with less labor is a net positive for society.


Xer Burt Polson writes about the real estate experiences of his parents, a couple on the cusp between the G.I. and Silent Generations. They paid only $15,000 for a brand-new house in 1951, signing for the purchase on a contract less than one page long; this quaint story stands in sharp contrast to the author’s own complicated experience selling the home over 50 years later.

Napa Valley Register

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