About three in five Millennials say that if attending a social event would result in financial strain on their family or significant other, it would not be worth it. While Boomer and Xer young adults were willing to rack up credit card debt for a good time, most Millennials don’t believe that FOMO is an excuse for reckless spending. 


Facebook is introducing tools that will allow retailers to track exactly how many online ad views turn into in-store visits. The social media giant has answered one of the biggest questions in the advertising business: how to know if online ads are even working.


Columnist Michael Schneider points out that next fall’s primetime TV season appears to be tailor-made for Generation X, featuring remakes of Xer classics like Lethal Weapon and MacGyver. With Boomers already tethered to broadcast TV programming and Millennials opting to stream instead, Xers have taken center stage in the battle for viewers.


Compared to older generations of fathers, Millennial dads are spending the most overall time grocery shopping. Researcher Bijal Shah wisely states, “This marks a generational shift from older fathers who embraced traditional gender roles, and is bolstered by...younger dads’ savviness with smartphones and shopping apps.”


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