According to economist and writer Allison Schrager, Millennials are missing out on the summer job experiences that give them the soft skills they need to succeed in their careers. While she makes some reasonable points, the fact of the matter is that college-bound students know that their dream schools aren’t looking for character-building grunt work on their resumes.


A recent study shows that one in three 18- to 34-year-olds admit to sharing their health information over social media, text, and websites on a weekly basis. Whether it’s the number of miles they jogged or a new fitness app they discovered, health is just another aspect of their lives Millennials love to share.

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McDonald’s has announced that it will roll out all-day breakfast in 14,300 locations nationwide starting October 6. Given the fast food giant’s recent struggles, executives have realized that they can’t afford to turn away hungry patrons just because the clock has struck 10:30 am.


T-Mobile frontman John Legere recently announced that the company will ban “abusers” of its unlimited data plan. Apparently, even for the edgiest phone companies, “unlimited” is still too much to promise.

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Aug 19, 2015

Another Day Younger and Deeper in Debt

from Social Intelligence

Americans of all ages are in more debt than they were three decades ago, but what does that say about the health of their balance sheets?
Jul 24, 2015
Logging fewer hours of sleep a night than ever before, Americans are locked in an ongoing battle for rest.
Jun 17, 2015
With their high-end perks and their low-budget prices, upscale hostels are a dream come true for Millennials.
Jan 05, 2015
The falling price of oil is often touted as another huge plus for the global economy this year. According to the IMF, for example, the fall will add 0.3 to 0.7% to global GDP…

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