Broadcast ratings for the Rio Olympics were down 25% among 18- to 49-year-olds compared to the London ratings in 2012—a drop widely blamed on Millennials. While this trend is disheartening for networks making a long-term bet on live sports, NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus acknowledged the importance of adapting to the viewing behavior of younger viewers and offering coverage on multiple platforms.

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Millennial Brenton Henry responds to the claims that younger people caused lower broadcast ratings during the Rio Olympics. Instead, he blamed bad production decisions and delayed coverage, too many ads, and (most importantly) technical difficulties accessing the games without a cable subscription, even online.


U.S. and German scientists have created a pain-relieving compound, PZM21, that is chemically unrelated to opioids. Considering that prescription painkiller abuse is a major contributor to America’s current opioid epidemic, PZM21’s development comes at the perfect time.


Parents ages 35 to 50 are nearly twice as likely (65% versus 35%) to prioritize saving money for their kids’ college over saving for retirement. Protective Xers want to be able to shelter their children and provide for their education, but soaring tuition costs pose a major problem for parents who are already far behind on their own retirement savings.

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