Saeculum Research was founded to help investors understand and apply our perspective on changing demographics, generations, and history to anticipate market catalysts, generate investment ideas, and identify systemic risk. Based on the pathbreaking and interdisciplinary work of author, economist, and historian Neil Howe, reflected in his many books on generations and history (including The Fourth Turning and Millennials Rising), our analytical perspective enables clients to stop running from the “new normal” and instead to embrace it—and profit from it.

Our Publications

II Investor Insights

Real-time analysis of social, demographic & generational trends that affect the expansion (or implosion) of individual consumer products, brands, and themes.


  • Luxury Loses (Some) Luster

    Luxury brands are repositioning themselves to appeal to changing consumer behaviors at home and abroad.

  • Smarter and Smaller: The Future of Housing

    As the economy improves, Xer and Millennial homebuyers will reshape the market to fit their preferences.

Recently Published

  • Pharma's Troubled Future

    Changes to public policy and new trends in innovation have many rethinking the fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Energy Storage Powers Up

    As Americans’ energy consumption grows, so does the urgency to develop cost-effective storage methods for utilities and consumers.

SI Social Intelligence

A deep dive into major demographic topics (migration, fertility, health), into public attitudes (consumer confidence, consumer behavior & preferences), or into the future of today’s generations to help investors anticipate the full economic and business implications of a major trend.


  • The Rise of the Obsessive Consumer

    Thanks to the Internet and generational change, consumers are getting lost in all-encompassing lifestyle worlds like never before.

  • Life Without Banks

    The consequences of the Great Recession, combined with shifting generational preferences, are driving the popularity of new alternatives to traditional banking.

Recently Published

  • Addressing the State of the Unions

    Will the long-flagging labor movement find new life and support among a fresh generation of workers?

  • Don't Anybody Move!

    Mobility rates in America have declined since the mid-1980s—and are likely to continue in the same direction.

BP The Big Picture

Thematic analysis on the timing and direction of macroeconomic indicators and of political and policy events shaping the global economy to help investors anticipate enduring and non-linear trends across the economy.


  • April 2014 Report

    Macro Trends: Near-Zero GDP Growth Triggers a Yawn; Warning Lights Flash on Health-Care Spending; A Return to Das Kapital; How Do Businesses Handle Income Inequality?; China on the Brink | SR Trends & Neil Howe in the News

  • March 2014 Report

    Macro Trends: Good News on Employment; The Fed's Forward Guidance Bomb; The Recovery Stumbles Again; Are REITs the Problem with Housing?; Midterms Now Lean Toward GOP | SR Trends & Neil Howe in the News

Recently Published

  • July 2014 Report

    Macro Trends: Not in Kansas Anymore; GDP Jumps in the Second Quarter; Global Slowth; Storm Clouds Abroad; Indonesia’s Big Hope | SR Trends & Neil Howe in the News

  • June 2014 Report

    Macro Trends: How Ugly Was Q1 GDP?; The Productivity Pullback; UK Edging Closer to “Brexit”; ISIS Turns Up the Heat; In China, A Crisis Still Looms | SR Trends & Neil Howe in the News


Latest News and Appearances

  • The Washington Post: Columnist Dana Milbank quotes Neil Howe in the op-ed “As Leaders, Boomers Are A Bust.”
  • Bloomberg News: Howe is quoted in “Lean Retirement Faces U.S. Generation X as Wealth Trails.”
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Howe delivered the keynote speech at a recent symposium. The topic was “The Balance Sheets of Younger Americans: Is the American Dream at Risk?” Also available to view is an extended interview with Assistant Vice President James Fuchs.
  • 2014 Strategic Investment Conference: Howe appeared as a featured speaker at this conference hosted by Altegris and Mauldin Economics.