Nursing homes are adopting “sexual expression policies” and offering relationship services as members of the Silent Generation decide to “go steady” into their 70s and 80s. These once-taboo challenges facing retirement communities are just the beginning—industry experts are already bracing themselves for Boomers.

The New York Times

At least three NFL teams are considering hiring star gamers to represent their franchises in official Madden tournaments. More and more professional sports franchises are using the growing e-sports industry as a way to showcase their brands to a Millennial audience.

Bloomberg Business

A new White House report asserts that student debt helps, not hurts, the economy because a more educated workforce boosts metrics like output and productivity. In reality, the benefit comes from the education itself, not the associated debt; plenty of Millennial debtors would counter that their debt is a drag on future borrowing and purchasing activity.

White House Council of Economic Advisors

Columnist Allison Schrager believes that low interest rates are about to crush Boomers who have had it “relatively easy for so long.” She makes some good points: This generation started careers before college tuitions skyrocketed and are poised to escape the looming Social Security crisis—but now face the prospect of an expensive retirement.


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An interview with Neil Howe examining trends in Millennial homeownership and family life.

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