Less than half (42%) of 18- to 29-year-olds support capitalism, compared to 51% who oppose it. Though capitalism is still safe as Millennials’ preferred brand of politics (just 33% support socialism), it’s clear that this generation isn’t satisfied with today’s lagging post-recession economy, complete with its lack of quality job opportunities.

Harvard Institute of Politics

In response to all the articles about entitled Millennials, Xer Jake Ellison argues that Millennials aren’t the enemy—Boomers are. While he advocates for Millennials, this Xer is quick to distance himself from them: “Don’t get me wrong, they generally annoy the shit out of me too, with their group-positive spirit [and] running around in herds.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Boomer writer Steven Petro marvels at how young he feels compared to some of his friends; he claims he’s in better shape than ever, and doesn’t identify with the aging midlife characters he sees on TV. He’s not alone: Most Boomers are loath to think of themselves as (gasp) “old.”

The Washington Post

Intel plans to shed up to 12,000 jobs by mid-2017 in an effort to move out of the PC business and deeper into cloud computing and the IoT, where it already earns 40% of its revenue. The announcement underscores both the decline of the traditional PC and the rapid expansion of connected tech.


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