CNBC interviewed college students to get their opinion on Bitcoin—and the results were hardly encouraging. While many admitted they saw the appeal of Bitcoin, others were fearful of a bubble and said they would much rather invest in time-tested assets like stocks, which speaks to this generation’s risk-averse mindset.


A new broad-scale study finds a correlation between major family-oriented religious holidays (like Christmas in the United States) and higher interest in sex. Cultural factors have long been known to play a part in the timing of fertility-rate fluctuations worldwide—a relationship that, until now, has been difficult to quantify.

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NPR host Kelly McEvers says that 2017 was “the year of Gen-X references” in popular entertainment. From Stranger Things and its homage to the latchkey-kids-on-bikes genre to the Full House reboot, it’s clear that Xer studio heads are exerting their power to bring back some of their childhood favorites.


Columnist Mark Kennedy notices a new informality and humor in newspaper obituary sections that he attributes to Boomers. A Boomer himself, Kennedy quips: “We’ve put our imprint on everything else for almost 70 years. Why not death?”

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Jun 14, 2017

Are Ultra-Long Treasuries the Next Big Thing?

from Investor Insights

Despite some reservations, issuing longer-term U.S. debt could be a boon to lenders and investors alike.

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Amazon's Air Delivery Network
Amazon executives have announced that the company will lease 20 Boeing 767s from Air Transport Services Group for five to seven years. The move is an expansion of last year’s pilot program...

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Apps Are the New Coupons
As retail has exploded into the e-commerce age, so too has the old art of coupon-clipping—in principle, at least. Shoppers no longer have to wait for an item to go on sale...