If Millennial parents keep pace with their current saving habits, they could retire with $1 million more than Boomer parents and $400,000 more than Xer parents. Early in their careers, Millennial parents are already planning ahead and out-saving older parents.

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New research shows that men made up 13% of the nursing field in 2015, up from just 2% in 1960. The decades-long growth of female-dominated pink-collar fields at the expense of male-dominated blue-collar fields has forced many men to find work as nurses, teachers, and other high-EQ professionals.

The Wall Street Journal

Psychology professor Clay Routledge says that Millennials are “losing faith in freedom” because of overprotective parenting. While Millennials hardly represent the death of democracy, Routledge correctly notes that Boomer and Xer parents sheltered their Millennial kids from every possible stressor growing up—which has since manifested in a desire for protection and order.

The New York Times

TV critic Hank Stuever identifies two TV shows (Loudermilk and Better Things) that perfectly encapsulate Gen-X grouchiness. From grunge-loving teens to middle-aged grumps, Xers can’t help but be rebels without a cause in pop culture.

The Washington Post

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Apr 19, 2017

“Soft” Indicators Could Take a “Hard” Fall

from Investor Insights

Consumer confidence indicators are surging, but beware: Today’s high expectations may be largely fueled by partisan fantasies.

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