Fully 81% of Millennials are saving money in some capacity, compared to 74% of Generation X and 77% of Boomers. Whether they are saving for a home or a vacation, Millennials have learned from previous generations’ financial mistakes and taking proactive steps as they plan for the future.


Columnist Lorraine Zago Rosenthal reviews the re-release of The Breakfast Club and notes its quintessential Gen-X flair. He hits the nail on the head: This movie captures the misunderstood, devil-may-care attitude of Xer teens.


The recent stock market plunge has given Millennials, who were already skittish about stocks, even more pause. While Millennials are in the prime life stage for shifting toward risky, high-upside stocks, this generation can’t forget the financial turmoil the stock market caused when they were young.

The New York Times

Dr. Perri Klass discusses how true “playtime” has eroded among today’s kids. While Boomers and Xers were let loose to play outside until it got dark, Millennials and Homelanders have been increasingly asked to perform structured tasks like studying and “constrained tinkering.”

The New York Times

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Jun 29, 2017

Are Utilities Losing Power?

from Investor Insights

The utilities sector must gear up for the renewable energy revolution and adapt to the changing habits of U.S. consumers.

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