Contributor Kathleen Kusek argues that Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is a Millennial match made in heaven. She has a point: Whole Foods was always an ideological fit for Millennials who want fresh, high-quality food—and now it could use Amazon’s sprawling digital infrastructure to add delivery.


New research suggests that regular yoga and meditation can suppress genes that cause inflammation. This finding is just the latest that links mindfulness exercises to health benefits, which is a major reason why consumers of all ages are flocking to the New Age-inspired tradition.

Frontiers in Immunology

Verbal abuse by parents and coaches is causing a shortage of referees in youth sports. Hypercompetitive Xer parents and coaches have transformed youth sports into a high-stakes battleground where kids are not just having fun, but are striving for scholarships.

The Washington Post

The share of companies offering half-day summer Fridays has doubled to 42% this year. In an era of stagnant real wage growth, this perk is an inexpensive way for companies to boost morale and show that they care about work-life balance.

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Feb 22, 2017

Pet Care: The Four-Legged Bull Market

from Investor Insights

The pet care industry is on a roll—which won’t stop anytime soon thanks to changing generational attitudes.

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Amazon's Air Delivery Network
Amazon executives have announced that the company will lease 20 Boeing 767s from Air Transport Services Group for five to seven years. The move is an expansion of last year’s pilot program...

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But What About Second Breakfast?
The Big Food industry has been struggling to adapt to the changing tastes of time-crunched consumers, who just aren’t sitting down for a full-fledged meal before work anymore...