Colleges are moving mental health services closer to students—placing outposts in dorms and even in Starbucks. This unconventional strategy is a response to the new national focus on mental health, as well as growing expectations that academic institutions act “in loco parentis.”

The Wall Street Journal

Las Vegas is feeling the pain as fewer Millennials say, “I do.” Facing a tame generation that doesn’t drink, gamble, or get hitched (impulsively or otherwise) as much as previous generations, Sin City will need to bet on something other than youthful recklessness in the years ahead.

Bloomberg Business

A new pilot program aims to put 175 retired New Yorkers back to work in government jobs. The hiring agency doesn’t expect to have any trouble finding willing participants, given the continued aging of Boomers who have always displayed a high degree of workforce attachment.

New York Post

More than half of Millennials and Xers say Gmail is their email platform of choice (61% and 54%, respectively). These tech-savvy younger generations are comfortable trusting Google with the task of keeping their inboxes safe and spam-free.

Morning Consult

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Mar 08, 2017

No Relief in Sight for U.S. Farmers

from Investor Insights

Forecasters expecting U.S. agriculture to rebound in 2017 may be in for a rough surprise.

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