Columnist Eric Brandt believes that Millennials aren’t buying Harley-Davidson bikes largely because they don’t care about heritage branding. This conclusion misses the mark: Heritage branding is a winning Millennial strategy, and Harley’s biggest Millennial problem is a rough-and-tumble image that is off-message for risk-averse young consumers.

The Drive

New e-tail startup Brandless sells generic, organic, and natural consumer staples for just $3 each. This format, aimed at today’s price- and health-conscious shoppers, spells trouble for the CPG giants that are already struggling to stay relevant.

The Wall Street Journal

Contributor Steve Rose argues that Netflix’s Friends from College nails the key attribute of the Gen-X midlife crisis: that they just can’t grow up. He makes a solid point: Many Xers have spent their lives slacking, loafing around, and generally trying to avoid becoming their drab elders—only to have age sneak up on them.

The Guardian

Global Workplace Analytics President Kate Lister outlines why Boomers are more likely to telework than Millennials. Although Millennials like the idea of teleworking, they need to have facetime with their bosses in the office if they plan on climbing the corporate ladder—an obligation many Boomers simply “don’t give a damn about” later in their careers.


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Mar 08, 2017

No Relief in Sight for U.S. Farmers

from Investor Insights

Forecasters expecting U.S. agriculture to rebound in 2017 may be in for a rough surprise.

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