Fully 58% of Millennial travelers want to explore the world with their friends, 20% higher than any other age group. Millennials’ team-oriented mentality and their proclivity to spend money on experiences rather than things will be a boon to group travel for years to come.


Summer youth unemployment has hit its lowest level since 1969. Despite low unemployment in industries that typically attract younger workers, Millennials are eschewing the summer paycheck in favor of long-term investments in their future like summer courses and unpaid internship opportunities.

The Wall Street Journal

Viacom and Turner took a revenue hit after cutting the number of commercials aired on TV. As ad-free streaming services continue to take eyes away from traditional television screens, networks are trying (and failing) to get ad executives to pony up for expensive TV ads.

The Wall Street Journal

Rich Cohen argues that Generation X is better suited to lead America into the future than Boomers or Millennials. His generational analysis is spot on: While Boomers and Millennials tend to view society through a utopian lens, Xers’ overall sense of detachment and cynicism has prepared them for the dark days that have arrived.

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Apr 12, 2017

A Special Price Just for You

from Social Intelligence

Personalized pricing programs are being helped along by new legislation, revolutionary technology, and less competitive markets.

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