A large plurality (44%) of Millennials say that climbing the corporate ladder is the best way to advance their career—twice the share that say starting their own business is the key (22%). While some high-profile Millennials have made a splash with startups, this generation as a whole is too risk averse and financially unstable to be entrepreneurs.

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After cleaning out the overstocked home of his elderly father, columnist Wayne Moriarty traces trends like frugality, hoarding, and even recycling back to the Silent Generation. He wisely observes that, growing up amid the backdrop of the Great Depression, the Silent quickly learned the value of a dollar.

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Well over half (55%) of e-commerce shoppers start their product search on Amazon’s website or mobile app, up from 44% a year ago. Despite the efforts that traditional brick-and-mortar brands like Walmart and Best Buy have made to push into e-commerce, Amazon is still the unrivaled king.


Contributor Ilana Strauss notes how Millennials’ penchant for communal living is not unique, but is rather the historical norm. She makes a solid point: For most of human history, people have lived in large, non-family groups—the idea that a household is limited to the “nuclear family” is a much more recent development.

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