Recently released federal data show that the U.S. high school graduation rate reached a record high for the 2014-2015 school year, with gains taking place within every ethnicity, income level, and aptitude. While graduation rates are not a perfect indicator of academic progress, it’s clear that high-achieving Millennials value a good education.

The Washington Post

Artist and songwriter Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. While a rock musician is indeed an unusual choice, Boomers have always had tremendous sway over culture, so it’s no surprise that the first pop artist to receive the award is an artistic icon for this generation.

The New York Times

In a piece about the future of pop culture, gaming and tech author Nick Gillett declares: “Forget VR, it’s all about AR.” While augmented reality clearly has more practical applications than virtual reality, Gillett believes it will also revolutionize the entertainment world by “blending [fiction] with real life in ways you can only currently achieve using strong hallucinogens and whisky.”

The Guardian

A new report by The International Telecommunication Union classifies 99.6% of Koreans ages 15 to 24 as digital natives, the highest figure among the 180 nations surveyed. While Millennials across the globe are thought of as tech-savvy by their elders, young people in Korea take this moniker to the next level.

Korea Joongang Daily

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