Fully 52% of consumers prefer to buy music in its physical form (CD or vinyl) over the digital version—and Millennials are leading the trend. While Millennials are often accused of killing the music business, these digital natives are buying classic albums for nostalgia and Instagram glory.


A father recounts the experience of living with Cozmo, an “empathic” robot that he bought for his son. Using highly sophisticated “emotion engines,” Cozmo formed an emotional bond with the family almost instantly, as evidenced by the father’s reaction when Cozmo narrowly avoided an accident: “I was relieved, and unable to disentangle the financial and emotional components of the feeling.”

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A new survey shows that one in two Millennials and one in four Boomers have a side hustle. Whether they are paying off student loans or preparing for retirement, both generations are looking for ways to earn some extra cash.


A growing body of research finds a correlation between the rise of dating apps and recent regional spikes in STD prevalence. As a result, health advocates are calling on “hookup culture” companies like Tinder to take a greater stake in espousing the benefits of safe sex.


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Apr 28, 2017

You’re Not the Man Your Father Was

from Culture Watch

Traditional ideas about manhood are getting a shakeup as today’s lower-androgen men grapple with both physiological and social change.

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