Millennial Carolina Wong has advice to her peers who are stuck in dead-end jobs: Move back in with your parents. Wong, who herself boomeranged back to the nest to reset and now has a full-fledged career and a home of her own, says that, “If you have somebody who’s willing to help you, don’t be embarrassed by it.”


Contributor Kevyn Burger notes how Boomers without grandchildren have started doting on their “granddogs” instead.  While this trend is certainly influenced by Millennials choosing to delay or forego parenthood, it also reflects the “pets are family” mentality Boomers have long promoted.

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Contributor Ada Calhoun outlines the “new midlife crisis” for Gen-X women. She make several solid points: Xer women have more opportunities for professional growth than previous generations, but have been hit harder by financial pressures in their prime breadwinning years.

On Wednesday, Amazon launched a new program that lets parents give their kids a virtual “allowance” to spend on the site. Of course, these allowances come with strings attached: Parents have the option of viewing—and vetoing—their kids’ purchases.

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Apr 19, 2017

“Soft” Indicators Could Take a “Hard” Fall

from Investor Insights

Consumer confidence indicators are surging, but beware: Today’s high expectations may be largely fueled by partisan fantasies.

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