Contributor Ted Hesson argues that Boomers need immigrants to be home health workers as they enter old age. He makes a solid point: Demand for home health care aides is expected to explode thanks to fiercely independent Boomers who would rather age in place than move into a retirement community.


A new Honda ad portrays a young couple, grown tired of social media, travelling via Honda motorcycle to meet their friends in person. While the ad is an ingenious way to appeal to sociable Millennials, it will take more than the promise of a road trip to get most Millennials to hop on a motorcycle.


According to a new OECD report, Millennials have a higher average disposable income than previous generations had at the same age. While this distinction is far less prominent in the United States, this finding is a friendly reminder to Millennials paying off student loans or saving for a home that things could be worse.


Millennial contributor Sarah Kessler compares popular criticisms of her generation with criticisms levied against young Xers. Her analysis reveals that, as young adults, Xers were dismissed as entitled, lazy, feedback-craving, and reward-seeking—sound familiar?


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Apr 28, 2017

You’re Not the Man Your Father Was

from Culture Watch

Traditional ideas about manhood are getting a shakeup as today’s lower-androgen men grapple with both physiological and social change.

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