Contributor Ben Sasse, parent of three young children, offers several tips for parents who want to raise self-reliant kids. While much of Sasse’s advice touches on important themes, Millennials are already displaying many of the characteristics that he addresses (“embrace the pain of work” and “become truly literate,” for instance).

The Wall Street Journal

Contributor Zoe Strimpel is not surprised that Boomers are outdrinking Millennials as they enter old age. She makes a solid point: Boomers’ repressed childhoods resulted in decades of party-hardy behavior; Meanwhile, Millennials’ sheltered childhoods resulted in tame (and sober) behavior.

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Fully 38% of Millennials with a significant other say that the current political environment has had a negative impact on their relationship, higher than the national average (29%). Many optimistic Millennials undoubtedly struggle to find common ground with partners who support the divisive commander-in-chief.

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Mars now earns $100 million annually from its “Home Delights” line of wet dog food featuring dishes, like beef stroganoff, that look and smell like human food. These appetizing entrees are designed for today’s pet owners who consider their furry friends part of the family

The Wall Street Journal

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Dec 23, 2016

A Generation of Page-Turners

from Culture Watch

Surprise: Millennials are outreading their elders, and print books remain their format of choice.

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