After years of avoiding the term, BuzzFeed is lifting its stylistic ban on the word “Millennial.” The media company, which regarded “Millennial” as a buzzword used primarily by marketers and critics, acknowledges that the term has been embraced by many young adults—and has become too ubiquitous to ignore.


Dr. Perri Klass notes that today’s parents keep their homes too clean for their children’s health. While exposure to germs and microorganisms may be good for kids in the long run, it’s a hard sell for Xer and Millennial parents who are busy protecting their young Homelanders from every visible and invisible harm.

The New York Times

A German firm is joining the small but growing crowd of co-living spaces in New York City. “Quarters” offers amenities like roommate matching services and a program manager for social events—perfect for community-oriented Millennials who don’t want to live alone and actually want to be friends with their neighbors.

The Wall Street Journal

The Prospero blog condemns films like Going in Style that “rely on the tired conventions of the old-folks-behaving-badly genre.” While these movies may be overplayed, they ring truer than ever in an age when youthful, rebellious Boomers comprise much of the senior population.

The Economist

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Jan 18, 2017

The Travel Booking Battle Boils Over

from Social Intelligence

Hotel chains and OTAs are pulling out all the stops to win over a new generation of travelers.

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