Teens today are using video chat apps like “Houseparty” to virtually hang out with friends after school. For peer-oriented Millennials, “live chilling” gives them what they want (time with friends) in a world where packed schedules and unwalkable neighborhoods make physical hangouts infrequent.

The Wall Street Journal

Facing sliding demand for its hepatitis C blockbuster drug, Big Pharma company Gilead is pushing for all Boomers to undergo testing for the disease. The firm sees a big profit opportunity in the notoriously unhealthy generation that has brought higher rates of disease into old age brackets.


Apollo Peak and Pet Winery are two startups competing in an unlikely market: faux wine for cats. Although most felines don’t seem that impressed with cat wine, the founder of Apollo Peak makes a case for the humanization of pets: “A pet is more like a friend, a roommate or a family member…why are we just feeding them water?”

The New York Times

Brightwheel, an app that allows educators and child care providers to send parents mobile updates about their kids, raised $10 million in VC funding. The app also handles payments—but its primary function undoubtedly will be to keep Xers and Millennials apprised of how their Homelander children are doing throughout the day.


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Dec 28, 2016

Why Restaurants Are Starving

from Investor Insights

The restaurant industry is struggling—though some chains have found a recipe for Millennial success.

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