Why Saeculum Research?

The world of strategic planning and investing is crowded with models, theorems, and rules that all have one limitation: They assume an unchanging behavioral and institutional environment.

Sometimes, when the environment isn’t changing much, these rules work tolerably well. Other times—when the environment shifts decisively along with the global mood, as it has since 2008—these rules no longer work at all. And when that happens, confusion spreads and confidence ebbs. Leaders may find themselves still playing by the rules of the “old normal” for no better reason than they can’t figure out where the “new normal” is going.

At Saeculum Research, we explain to our clients how the rules are changing. We give them the confidence to design strategies for a future that won’t be like the past. Saeculum Research creates analysis and forecasting tools for clients across the entire asset management, corporate, government, and non-profit spectrums to help leaders accurately predict behavior, anticipate shifting sentiment, and identify non-linear trends across any industry, target market, or emerging technological trend. We have turned the art of demographic and generational forecasting into a science that can be understood and applied.