Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence (SI) is a deep-dive trend analysis into emerging demographic, generational, and social trends that cut across many industries. Released biweekly, SI helps clients anticipate the trend’s full economic and business implications.

Investor Insights

Investor Insights (II) is a real-time analysis of social, demographic & generational trends shaping the expansion (or implosion) of products and brands within a single industry. Released biweekly, II helps clients identify the likely winners and losers within the industry.

Culture Watch

Culture Watch (CW) examines in-the-news political, social, or cultural movements with strong generational or demographic drivers. Released biweekly, CW helps clients think more deeply about Americans’ shifting values and priorities—and about what these shifts mean for the brands they manage or invest in.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture (BP) offers a thematic analysis of the timing and direction of macroeconomic indicators and of political and policy events shaping the global economy.

Daily NewsWire

A daily summary of breaking news, research, and commentary on important generational and demographic issues. The NewsWire provides clients with a “quick take” on the implications of each news item.

Brand Alerts

Our weekly take on a particular invention, product, brand, or management initiative that is worth special notice as a generational “winner” or “loser.” Brand Alerts teach by example, using case studies to offer positive or negative takeaways for clients.

Did You Know?

Short pieces that summarize and analyze the latest social indicators in the news. Their manageable length and easily accessible structure allow our readers to quickly glean the core content and put our insights to work.