Jul 17, 2017

Put It on My Tab

Who should pay on a first date? That’s the million-dollar question nowadays. While it was once customary for the man to foot the bill, The Wall Street Journal reports that more women are getting stuck with at least part of the tab at night’s end. Why? One explanation is that the economics of dating have changed. Thanks to the rise of dating apps like Tinder (see: “A Total E-Click of the Heart”), people are going on more first dates than ever—and paying for two each night can quickly add up. Additionally, some guys believe that a man who grabs the check without asking first risks coming off as demeaning. The first-date transaction is fraught with reputational risk for both parties. Many men admit that they are happy to pay—as long as their date at least “reaches” for the check. Otherwise, according to Chase Amante, their date’s motivation could be called into question: “There’s a certain subset of the population looking for free meals.”