Dec 09, 2016 – from Culture Watch

The Will to Secede

Broken flagIn 2016, Trump won rural America in a landslide with 65 percent of the rural vote—compared to Romney’s 60 percent in 2012 and McCain’s 53 percent in 2008. More broadly, the populist movement now surging through most high-income countries bears a strong regional aspect. For “traditionalist” rural voters, the rhetoric of the anti-establish­ment parties and politicians speaks to a demographic that feels wronged by the “cosmo­politan” urban elite. Indeed, in some countries growing regional tensions are setting off secession alarms.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, one thing is abundantly clear: Rural voters are pitted against urban voters. While Clinton’s victories were concentrated in large cities and their surrounding suburbs, Trump garnered votes from rural regions—accounting for 85 percent of the nation’s land area. As visually jarring as this is from a geographic stand­point, it is a phenomenon that has grown more prevalent over the past four election cycles. According to Washington…

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