Nov 23, 2016 – from Social Intelligence

Donald Trump: You're Hired!

Neil Howe headshotOn November 8, Donald Trump pulled off a shocking upset of Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States. It was a fitting end to a volatile election season the likes of which we’ve never seen. As pundits and pollsters try to figure out what they missed, Americans are settling in for four years of Trump. SI sat down with Saeculum Research Founder and President Neil Howe to get his take on what happened and what’s to come.

SI: Let’s start with a post-mortem of what happened on November 8.

NH: Whew. Where to begin? Now that the tight Michigan and Arizona races have been offi­cially decided (in Trump’s favor), the Electoral College count is in: Trump beat Clinton 306 to 232. And yes, that second congressional district in Maine covering over four-fifths of the state did indeed show its red-zone colors. It issued its one electoral vote for the Donald, denying Hillary a sweep of New England.

In the popular vote, on the other hand, Clinton is certain to beat Trump, though the final count is not yet in. As of November 22, she’s…

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