Jan 18, 2017 – from Social Intelligence

The Travel Booking Battle Boils Over

Travel booking websitesHilton, in the midst of a marketing campaign designed to encourage direct bookings, recently agreed to list its rooms on TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking platform. While the deal seems counterproductive, it illustrates the complex relationship that hotels have with online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch engines. Third-party bookings are a valuable source of publicity and revenue for hotels, but also carry huge commission fees. Over the past two years, hotels have turned up their efforts to win back control over the point of sale. Yet OTAs keep on growing—and likely will keep growing for some time. Unlike brand-loyal Baby Boomers and deal-seeking Generation Xers, Millennial travelers would rather have one easy booking option than countless loyalty memberships.  

In just two decades, the travel booking landscape has been completely upended. Prior to 1996, travelers had two choices: book direct or speak to a travel agent. But that all changed when Microsoft spun off its subsidiary, Expedia, in 1996. Priceline was formed by entrepreneur Jay Walker the…

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