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Immigration Will Fuel Population Growth

New projections indicate that immigration will be responsible for more than the entire increase in the working-age population from 2015 to 2035. As U.S. fertility continues to decline, working-age population replenishment will be increasingly dependent on a growing immigrant population.

Pew Research Center

04/07/2017 — from NewsWire

The Impact of Millennial Homebodies

The Economist grapples with the various reasons why Millennials are bringing about a decline in domestic migration. While they do list some major concerns such as financial constraints and delayed family formation, they miss an important point: Millennials are close to their parents and most don’t want to fly too far away from the nest.

The Economist

04/07/2017 — from NewsWire

Growing Polarization Driven by Age

New research shows that Americans are growing more politically polarized, with the biggest increases occurring among the 65+. While many blame the Internet for growing U.S. partisanship, this ignores the fact that its biggest users (Millennials) are a non-confrontational bunch.

National Bureau of Economic Research

03/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Are We Primed for a Nursing Home Shortage?

Lecturer John Whitman wonders whether the United States will soon face a nursing home shortage thanks to Boomers. While the aging of this enormous generation will undoubtedly put a strain on many industries, most Boomers would rather age in place close to family than be put up in a nursing home.

University of Pennsylvania

03/17/2017 — from NewsWire

How (and Where) to Bet on Big Tobacco

Though unfavorable demographics threaten the industry, firms that are well positioned abroad could prosper.
02/08/2017 — from Investor Insights

U.S. Fertility: Down for the Count

The anticipated birthrate rebound still hasn’t happened—and generational trends suggest that it likely won’t.
02/06/2017 — from Culture Watch

The Total Number of U.S. High School Graduates Has Begun to Stagnate

While U.S. high school graduation rates continue to rise, the total number of high school graduates has begun stagnating, leaving many colleges scrambling to fill seats. The rising number of total births peaked in the early ‘90s, and the demographic consequences are just beginning to be felt in higher education.

The Washington Post

12/09/2016 — from NewsWire

American Life Expectancies Have Started to Fall

After rising for decades, American life expectancies have started falling again: “The life expectancy for 65-year-olds is now six months shorter than [it was last year].” While year-over-year changes in mortality and life expectancy can be extremely volatile, “the bottom line is that longevity’s rise has slowed way down.”

Bloomberg Business

11/04/2016 — from NewsWire

Will Millennials Overtaking Boomers in Sheer Number Benefit Culture and Politics?

Political history professor and Boomer Robert Rupp muses about how Millennials overtaking Boomers in sheer number will benefit both culture and politics. He summarizes: “Our generation was like an orange in the ostrich’s throat…But now we have the Millennials in the majority. The good news is that they are more knowledgeable, tolerant and locally active than the Boomers.”

Charleston Gazette-Mail

09/30/2016 — from NewsWire