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Japanese Town Actively Promotes Increased Fertility

Nagicho, Japan has seen its fertility rate roughly double since 2005 thanks largely to increased spending on family incentive programs. The small town—where new families get everything from subsidized baby accessories to a government-provided cash payout—may be a useful test case for other rapidly aging populations in the region.

The Economist

02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

China Struggles to Accommodate More Children

A lack of kindergartens and high fees for private preschools are causing many Chinese couples to reconsider having a second child. The recent repeal of China’s one-child policy will not improve the nation’s demographic outlook unless it’s accompanied by state-sponsored efforts to accommodate more children.

The Nikkei

01/23/2018 — from NewsWire

Russia's Demographics Are Anomalous

Data from Russia’s statistics agency indicate that there were over 100,000 more deaths than births in the country during the first 10 months of 2017. These data are indicative of a historical anomaly: a falling absolute number of births (due to unfavorable demographics) combined with rising fertility rates.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Millennials in Catalonia Embrace Eurosceptic Ideals

Millennials in Catalonia are leading the charge for independence. Still feeling the effects of the Great Recession and looking for new options, Millennials across Europe are embracing Eurosceptic ideals.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

The Falling Stars and Stripes

Global perceptions of the United States are plummeting in the Trump era. But do Americans even care?
12/01/2017 — from Culture Watch

Germany Elects Far-Right Political Party

Following a strong showing in the country’s national elections, Germany’s far-right AfD party will be represented in parliament for the first time in half a century. AfD’s surprising finish is the latest manifestation of the spread of Euroscepticism—and is a damaging blow to the reputation of incumbent Angela Merkel.

National Public Radio

09/29/2017 — from NewsWire

John Judis Claims Millennials Are Moving Left

Contributor John Judis contends that, across the globe, “The Millennials Are Moving Left.” However, this is just half of the story: Young people worldwide are fleeing the center by flocking to far-left and far-right populist candidates who represent a departure from the status quo.

The New Republic

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

The United States of Poor Health

The United States ranks #34 on the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries—behind nations such as Slovenia (#27) and Lebanon (#32). These data reaffirm the fact that national spending on acute health care is rarely tied to actual population health.

Bloomberg Business

03/24/2017 — from NewsWire