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The "Millennial Left" Is The New "Old Left"

History professor Andrew Hartman argues that today’s “Millennial left” more closely resembles the 1930s “Old Left” than the 1970s “New Left.” He’s right: The ‘70s movement was led by Boomers who rebelled against cultural oppression and the Vietnam War, while the ‘30s movement was led by G.I.s who, coming out of the Great Depression, “sought a genuine alternative to capitalism.”

The Washington Post

08/04/2017 — from NewsWire

Wall Street Regulators Rewrite the Volcker Rule

Wall Street regulators have agreed to rewrite the Volcker Rule, which sets limits on how banks can invest their own capital. The move highlights the Trump administration’s efforts to achieve desired (if limited) financial reform through agencies instead of relying on a gridlocked Congress.

Bloomberg Business

08/04/2017 — from NewsWire

Gen-Xers Rock the Vote

Last November marked the first time that voters born 1946-1964 were outnumbered by voters born 1965 and later. While these data may give the impression that Millennials have finally arrived as impactful voters, the truth is that the surge in younger voters was fueled by record Gen-X participation.

Pew Research Center

08/04/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennial Loses Georgia's Congressional Race

In a Congressional race that was seen as a litmus test for both parties, Republican Karen Handel defeated 30-year-old Democratic hopeful Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th district. The loss sheds doubt on the presumption that President Trump’s poor approval rating will boost the Democratic candidate even in red states.


06/30/2017 — from NewsWire

John Judis Claims Millennials Are Moving Left

Contributor John Judis contends that, across the globe, “The Millennials Are Moving Left.” However, this is just half of the story: Young people worldwide are fleeing the center by flocking to far-left and far-right populist candidates who represent a departure from the status quo.

The New Republic

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Political Environment Hurts Millennials' Relationships

Fully 38% of Millennials with a significant other say that the current political environment has had a negative impact on their relationship, higher than the national average (29%). Many optimistic Millennials undoubtedly struggle to find common ground with partners who support the divisive commander-in-chief.

Wakefield Research

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

French President Becomes The Latest Gen-X World Leader

Following his landslide victory on Sunday, new French President Emmanuel Macron has become the latest Gen-X leader of a major world power. As contributor Paul Smalera notes, the generation that waited for its turn in the political spotlight is having its moment: “Some dropped out of the race, yes, but some quietly prepared for the day when they wouldn’t be beholden to the world that their elders created.”


05/12/2017 — from NewsWire