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Donald Trump: You're Hired!

An interview with Neil Howe on the results of the 2016 election—and its potential aftermath.
11/23/2016 — from Social Intelligence

Global Brexplosion!

An interview with Neil Howe on why Brexit is a wrecking ball—and how it is rocking markets.
07/06/2016 — from Social Intelligence

Millennials: Are We There Yet?

An interview with Neil Howe examining trends in Millennial homeownership and family life.
05/11/2016 — from Social Intelligence

January 2016 Report

  • What's Ahead in 2016
    1. U.S. Economy
    2. Global Economy
    3. Geopolitics
    4. U.S. Politics
    5. Generations
01/26/2016 — from The Big Picture

What to Expect in 2016

An interview with Neil Howe on the economic, political, and generational trends to watch out for in the coming year.
01/06/2016 — from Social Intelligence

The Age of the Intelligent Machine

An interview with Neil Howe on whether today’s crop of intelligent robots will be beneficial or harmful to workers and the economy at large.
10/14/2015 — from Social Intelligence

Are We Reliving the 1930s?

An interview with Neil Howe on the many parallels between today’s world and that of the Great Depression.
10/29/2014 — from Social Intelligence