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Teens Hang Out Virtually

Teens today are using video chat apps like “Houseparty” to virtually hang out with friends after school. For peer-oriented Millennials, “live chilling” gives them what they want (time with friends) in a world where packed schedules and unwalkable neighborhoods make physical hangouts infrequent.

The Wall Street Journal

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

App Lets Parents Monitor Kids Remotely

Brightwheel, an app that allows educators and child care providers to send parents mobile updates about their kids, raised $10 million in VC funding. The app also handles payments—but its primary function undoubtedly will be to keep Xers and Millennials apprised of how their Homelander children are doing throughout the day.


02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Xer Reminisces About Pre-Digital Era

Gen-X contributor Lisa Goodman-Helfand lists 10 tidbits about her non-digital college experience. From writing letters to her friends to keeping phone conversations short to limit long-distance charges, this Xer is proud of her “Googleless college memories” and acknowledges that her generation may be the last to remember a non-digital past.

The Huffington Post

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Young Drivers Taking Risks

Nearly all 19- to 24-year-olds (88.4%) admit to engaging in at least one risky driving behavior (such as texting while driving) during the past month, the highest share of any age group. Though Millennials are a fairly cautious bunch, their attachment to smartphones is contributing to their risky decision-making on the road.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Father Switches Career for Family

Jerry Tan, a 31-year-old father in Singapore, switched careers so that he could spend more time with his family. In a trend that started with Xers and has continued with Millennials, more and more young fathers are doing whatever it takes to be a hands-on presence in their kids’ lives.

The Straits Times

02/10/2017 — from NewsWire

Xer Ruminates on Her Generation's Late Start

Prompted by her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, Xer Leah McFall reflects on her generation’s late start in finding love and a career. Unlike Millennials, who have been delayed on the road to adulthood by a bad economy, Xers like McFall “slouched toward proper jobs and relationships. We grudged ourselves there.”

02/10/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomer Starts Millennial Manners Boot Camp

Boomer Jim Whiddon has started a $249 boot camp, dubbed the “Old School,” aimed at teaching Millennials marketable interpersonal skills. However, the notion that this already social generation would pony up that kind of cash to learn about the value of maintaining eye contact is tenuous at best.


02/03/2017 — from NewsWire

TV-Loving Xers Turn to Facebook

Fully 42% of those interacting with a TV-related page on Facebook are Gen Xers, the highest share of any generation (40% are Millennials and 18% are Boomers). These findings don’t necessarily mean that Xers are social media addicts; rather, Millennials simply aren’t as attached to traditional TV.


01/27/2017 — from NewsWire

Wellness Coaching Is In

A growing number of large employers and health care organizations are turning to “wellness coaches” to help people foster healthy habits. The move is part of a broader shift within the U.S. health care system toward preventative care as a means to curb overspending.

The Wall Street Journal

01/27/2017 — from NewsWire

Gardening Professional Cites Millennial Green Thumbs

Gardening professional Mariella Trosko notices more Millennials embracing gardening—especially for the purpose of growing food. Millennials are mindful of their overall health and of what they put in their bodies, making small-scale gardening a huge hit for them.

01/20/2017 — from NewsWire