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A Nation Hooked

With the death toll climbing across all age groups, the opioid crisis has become America’s biggest public health challenge.
06/23/2017 — from Culture Watch

Study Links Mindfulness to Improved Health

New research suggests that regular yoga and meditation can suppress genes that cause inflammation. This finding is just the latest that links mindfulness exercises to health benefits, which is a major reason why consumers of all ages are flocking to the New Age-inspired tradition.

Frontiers in Immunology

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Aging Boomers Continue to Outdrink Millennials

Contributor Zoe Strimpel is not surprised that Boomers are outdrinking Millennials as they enter old age. She makes a solid point: Boomers’ repressed childhoods resulted in decades of party-hardy behavior; Meanwhile, Millennials’ sheltered childhoods resulted in tame (and sober) behavior.

The Telegraph

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Are Kids “Overruled”?

More and more rules are springing up to protect and guide kids and teens into adulthood—but do they go too far?
05/12/2017 — from Culture Watch

You’re Not the Man Your Father Was

Traditional ideas about manhood are getting a shakeup as today’s lower-androgen men grapple with both physiological and social change.
04/28/2017 — from Culture Watch

New Media Takes the Title

YouTube, Netflix, and Google take the top spots as the “coolest brands” among Millennials. This survey serves as yet another death knell for traditional entertainment entities like cable companies and TV networks.


04/07/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomer Surprised by Millennial Planners

Boomer Columnist Dr. Perri Klass and her husband experienced a surprising role-reversal while traveling abroad with their 20- and 30-something children. Instead of just tagging along, these Millennials created an itinerary of places to eat and visit—making these Boomer parents “proud to have raised street-food-eating, cheap-sleeping, public-transportation-oriented offspring.”

The New York Times

04/07/2017 — from NewsWire

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Millennials take plenty of heat for their perceived immaturity. Now, thanks to psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein and former teacher Katie Brunelle, there’s a class for that...
04/03/2017 — from Did You Know?

Xer Musicians Unleash Political Critiques

Contributor Yo Zushi recounts how more Xer musicians are incorporating political critiques (namely, against Trump) into their music. As he correctly notes, Xer musicians have normally left social and political commentaries to Boomers like Bob Dylan—but this generation isn’t afraid to speak out when the times call for it.

New Statesman

03/17/2017 — from NewsWire