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After #MeToo, What’s Next?

The public reckoning over sexual harassment and assault is making waves in a nation poised for change.
01/18/2018 — from Culture Watch

Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

Faux Christmas trees have long been a faux pas, relegated to the storage closet in favor of the real thing. But now, as The Wall Street Journal reports...
01/08/2018 — from Did You Know?

Suburbs Make a Comeback

Authors Joel Kotkin and Alan Berger contend that suburbia is making a comeback. While many experts a decade ago believed the suburbs were destined to shrink at the expense of the urban core, shifting migratory patterns and generational attitudes have made the suburbs attractive once again.

Orange County Register

12/04/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials Celebrate "Friendsgiving"

On November 18, young adults nationwide celebrated “Friendsgiving,” a pre-Thanksgiving get-together that Millennials have turned into a time-honored tradition. The pseudo-holiday is a natural fit for a generation that loves to socialize and is largely unattached.

The News Journal

11/28/2017 — from NewsWire

Dating Apps And STDs Go Hand in Hand

A growing body of research finds a correlation between the rise of dating apps and recent regional spikes in STD prevalence. As a result, health advocates are calling on “hookup culture” companies like Tinder to take a greater stake in espousing the benefits of safe sex.


11/21/2017 — from NewsWire

The New Golf Course

Affluent families have long sought homes situated near pristine golf courses and swanky country clubs. But now, in many places around the country...
11/20/2017 — from Did You Know?

Millennials Turn Halloween Into a Shared Experience

On average, Millennials spend $183 on Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations—compared to $70 for Xers and $23 for Boomers. Whether it’s Halloween or “Friendsgiving,” Millennials can’t pass up an opportunity to turn a holiday into a shared experience with friends.

Harris Poll

11/07/2017 — from NewsWire

The Missing Male Worker

As the Fed looks forward, the future of the economy depends upon prime-age men returning to the workforce.
11/07/2017 — from Social Intelligence

Big Booze Binges on Wellness

Alcohol-soaked industries have set their sights on a new type of customer: wellness enthusiasts. Big Beer titan AB InBev...
11/06/2017 — from Did You Know?

Millennials Paint the Walls White

Millennials and social-media mavens are painting their walls white to make their home interiors look better on Instagram and amass more followers. While white walls may be popular from an aesthetic standpoint, they also might be the only option for young renters with strict leases.

The Wall Street Journal

10/16/2017 — from NewsWire