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After #MeToo, What’s Next?

The public reckoning over sexual harassment and assault is making waves in a nation poised for change.
01/18/2018 — from Culture Watch

Millennials Turn to Their Farming Roots

Kimbal Musk’s accelerator, Square Roots, is helping Millennials quit their office jobs and become farmers. For this generation, farming isn’t just about selling crops, but about using sustainable practices and producing organic food to make a difference in the world.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Employers Embrace "Pawternity Leave"

More employers are allowing pets in the office, with some even offering “pawternity leave” to workers who need time off to care for their furry friends. These pro-pet policies have become particularly popular in urban centers like New York City, where dog leashes are more common than baby carriages among Millennial urbanites.

The Wall Street Journal

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

WeWork Acquires Meetup

WeWork has acquired Meetup, a social network designed to help people organize in-person gatherings. The deal has synergy for both sides: WeWork expands its possible user base, while Meetup harnesses WeWork’s physical footprint to offer Millennials a cool place to convene.

The New York Times

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

Xers Want to Work For Themselves

Fully 25% of Gen Xers want to work for themselves in the next five to ten years—a higher share than any other generation. Xers’ freewheeling mentality and strong desire for work-life balance makes them a perfect fit for the home office.

World Options

12/18/2017 — from NewsWire

The Workforce Has Changed Since The Recession

A new report recounts how the U.S. workforce has changed since the onset of the Great Recession. Important changes that we’ve seen since 2007 include the graying of the workforce, the economy-wide shift toward services, and the persistent plunge in labor force participation.

Pew Research Center

12/11/2017 — from NewsWire

Xers Are The MVPs of the Workplace

A consumer survey measuring useful work traits ranks Xers as the most valuable generation of employees. In classic self-deprecating Xer fashion, this generation of reliable workers gave themselves lower scores on average than they received from other generations.


12/11/2017 — from NewsWire

Gen-X CEO Hires a Millennial "Director of Execution and Evolution"

Gen-X CEO John Barrows figured out a unique way to stay on top of his game: hiring a 24-year-old to serve as “Director of Execution and Evolution.” In true Millennial fashion, Barrows’ new consultant has steered him away from using outmoded technology and anecdotes—and toward offering individualized learning for every employee.

Harvard Business Review

11/28/2017 — from NewsWire

Generational Change Fuels Outrage in Hollywood

Columnist Maria Puente links the growing outrage over sexual harassment in Hollywood to generational change. She contends that, while many Boomer victims viewed this behavior as part of the business, Xers and (to a greater extent) Millennials have been taught to expect gender equality in the workplace—and to speak out if things go awry.

USA Today

11/28/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials and Boomers Rock Side Hustles

A new survey shows that one in two Millennials and one in four Boomers have a side hustle. Whether they are paying off student loans or preparing for retirement, both generations are looking for ways to earn some extra cash.


11/21/2017 — from NewsWire