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Millennials Aren't "Meant for Entrepreneurship"

Op-ed columnist Steven Strauss says that Millennials are “meant for entrepreneurship” due to their independence, their participation in the gig economy, and their tech savviness. In reality, despite their reputation as a generation of Zuckerbergs, most Millennials would much prefer to play it safe within the confines of a 9 to 5.

USA Today

09/22/2017 — from NewsWire

Swipe Right for Professional Networking

New apps like BumbleBizz take a Tinder-like, swipe-based approach to professional networking. Such services promise to be a hit with Millennials, who are driven to get ahead at work and have embraced intuitive digital communication channels.


09/22/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomers' Must Share Their Institutional Knowledge

Contributor John Solari urges companies to cash in on Boomers’ institutional knowledge before they retire. For companies with aging workforces, the message is clear: Those that can successfully transfer knowledge from one generation to the next will come out ahead in the long run.

Reno Gazette-Journal

09/15/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomer Befuddled by Co-Working Spaces

Lynette Lamb, a 60-year-old freelancer who rented a desk at a local co-working space, found her new environment jarring. Lamb presents a laundry list of Millennial-centric observations (“The water glasses are Mason jars”) before asking, “What would my grandfather...make of this place? Nothing tangible produced, everyone sitting on their duffs, staring at screens.”

Star Tribune

09/08/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials Get Their Hustle On

A new op-ed piece explores the rise of the Millennial “hustle.” While Millennials are often dismissed as lazy and entitled, contributor Dan Lyons makes a poignant comparison: “A century ago, factory workers were forming unions and going on strike to demand better conditions and a limit on hours. Today, Silicon Valley employees celebrate their own exploitation.”

The New York Times

09/08/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials Would Rather Be Fired Via Text

One in eight Millennial workers would prefer being fired via text or instant message, compared to just one in thirteen total workers. When it comes to having this difficult conversation, many Millennials believe—just as they do for normal day-to-day interactions—that a text will suffice.


08/25/2017 — from NewsWire

Summer Youth Unemployment Hits New Low

Summer youth unemployment has hit its lowest level since 1969. Despite low unemployment in industries that typically attract younger workers, Millennials are eschewing the summer paycheck in favor of long-term investments in their future like summer courses and unpaid internship opportunities.

The Wall Street Journal

08/18/2017 — from NewsWire

Deloitte Phases Out Diversity Groups

Deloitte is shifting away from diversity groups: The company is phasing out its women’s initiative and ending a support service for gay employees. Rather than marking a progress reversal, these efforts are designed to appeal to Millennials who want everyone, not just certain groups, to be included.

Bloomberg Business

08/11/2017 — from NewsWire

Show Me the Money

We’ve written before that blue-collar firms are struggling to attract young talent. One company, 84 Lumber, believes it has the answer...
08/07/2017 — from Did You Know?