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More Companies Offer Half-Day Summer Fridays

The share of companies offering half-day summer Fridays has doubled to 42% this year. In an era of stagnant real wage growth, this perk is an inexpensive way for companies to boost morale and show that they care about work-life balance.

Bloomberg Business

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials Are Poised to Fuel Luxury Sales

A new report from consultancy Bain & Company predicts that Millennials will account for 40% of luxury sales worldwide by 2025. Unmentioned, however, are the huge hurdles that luxury brands will have to overcome in order to win over a generation that does not engage in conspicuous consumption and values experiences over things.

Bain & Company

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Parents and Coaches Are Ruining Youth Sports

Verbal abuse by parents and coaches is causing a shortage of referees in youth sports. Hypercompetitive Xer parents and coaches have transformed youth sports into a high-stakes battleground where kids are not just having fun, but are striving for scholarships.

The Washington Post

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Columnist Recounts Troubled Relationship with Boomer Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, columnist Telly Davidson recounts his own tumultuous relationship with his Boomer dad. Davidson maintains that, like so many late-wave Silent and early-wave Boomers, his father lacked a certain capacity for emotion: “[I]t wasn’t until the 1970s that American fathers were expected to really do anything more than bring home the bacon and keep the family safe.”

The American Conservative

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Coworking Spaces Expand to Suburbs

Coworking spaces are expanding beyond the urban core into the suburbs. While these communal spaces are popular with group-oriented Millennials, they’re also appealing to middle-aged professionals who want to be close to home to look after their kids and aging parents.

The Wall Street Journal

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Lidl Opens 20 U.S. Stores This Month

German supermarket chain Lidl will open 20 U.S. stores this month, with plans to open 100 total over the next year. The chain has been described as “Walmart meets Trader Joe’s” for its combination of low prices and a highly curated, high-quality selection—a formula tailor-made for Millennial shoppers.


06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Colorado Proposes Ban on Smartphone Sales to Children

Colorado officials are preparing a proposed ballot measure that would ban smartphone sales to children under age 13. This move would likely meet heavy resistance from protective Xer and Millennial parents who want to keep in touch with their young Homelander children at all times.

The Denver Post

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomers Have Entered "Late Middle Age"

Contributor Rick Nease argues that Boomers aren’t “elderly,” they have simply entered “late middle age.” It’s hardly a surprise that Boomers, a generation that has always fetishised being young, are lobbying to change the labels for aging as they grow older.

The Seattle Times

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Amazon Makes a Smart Millennial Move

Contributor Kathleen Kusek argues that Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is a Millennial match made in heaven. She has a point: Whole Foods was always an ideological fit for Millennials who want fresh, high-quality food—and now it could use Amazon’s sprawling digital infrastructure to add delivery.


06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Study Links Mindfulness to Improved Health

New research suggests that regular yoga and meditation can suppress genes that cause inflammation. This finding is just the latest that links mindfulness exercises to health benefits, which is a major reason why consumers of all ages are flocking to the New Age-inspired tradition.

Frontiers in Immunology

06/23/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomers Say "Old Age" Starts at 73

Boomers say that “old age” begins at age 73, tied for the highest age reported by any generation (the Silent). Forever-young Boomers refuse to label themselves as “old,” and believe that a fulfilling life can be lived well into one’s golden years.

U.S. Trust

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Points Finger At Millennials

In a letter to shareholders, Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith blames Millennials in part for casual dining’s decline. While much of what she said rings true (Millennials do love cooking at home and ordering delivery), restaurant-goers of all ages are now “trading up” for higher quality or “trading down” for lower price.

Business Insider

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Apple Tries To Curb Distracted Driving

Apple announced an upcoming “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode for iOS at its annual developer conference. While the company’s efforts to curb distracted driving couldn’t hurt, such measures alone are unlikely to lower the rising U.S. traffic death rate, a trend caused by Americans getting back on the road.

The Drive

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials Are More Satisfied with Health Plans

Millennials are more satisfied than Boomers and Xers with their health plan choices—and are more likely to be actively engaged in choosing a plan. And it makes sense: Risk-averse Millennials want to make the best choice that not only addresses their health care needs, but also doesn’t break the bank.

Employee Benefit Research Institute

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Sprint Offers Deal to Verizon Customers

Sprint is offering a full year of unlimited voice and data service to Verizon customers who bring their own phone. The deal is exceptional even for Sprint, a company that (along with T-Mobile) has long lured “switchers” with discounts and perks.

Bloomberg Business

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Summer Camps Cater to Boomers

An increasing number of summer camps are catering to Boomers. Most of these programs offer traditional activities like archery and rope courses, while some also offer more sophisticated accommodations for Boomers who don’t want to share a bunk bed with a stranger.


06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Toy "R" Us Experiences a Baby Business Bust

Toys “R” Us saw consolidated net sales fall by $113 million YOY to $2.2 billion in Q1 2017—thanks in large part to a bust in its baby business. Mainstream toy retailers face a harsh demographic reality: Millennials are waiting to start having kids, and the ones who are having kids opt for high-end products sold by specialty retailers.


06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

John Judis Claims Millennials Are Moving Left

Contributor John Judis contends that, across the globe, “The Millennials Are Moving Left.” However, this is just half of the story: Young people worldwide are fleeing the center by flocking to far-left and far-right populist candidates who represent a departure from the status quo.

The New Republic

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

Freelancing Isn't Just for the Out-Of-Work Crowd Anymore

One-fifth of all U.S. freelancers earn at least $100,000 annually, up from just 12.5% in 2011. The numbers show that gig-economy work has become popular not just among the out-of-work crowd that can’t find full employment, but also among skilled workers who would rather set their own schedules.

MBO Partners

06/16/2017 — from NewsWire

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