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Teens Hang Out Virtually

Teens today are using video chat apps like “Houseparty” to virtually hang out with friends after school. For peer-oriented Millennials, “live chilling” gives them what they want (time with friends) in a world where packed schedules and unwalkable neighborhoods make physical hangouts infrequent.

The Wall Street Journal

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Big Pharma Targets Boomers

Facing sliding demand for its hepatitis C blockbuster drug, Big Pharma company Gilead is pushing for all Boomers to undergo testing for the disease. The firm sees a big profit opportunity in the notoriously unhealthy generation that has brought higher rates of disease into old age brackets.


02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Startups Unveil "Cat Wine"

Apollo Peak and Pet Winery are two startups competing in an unlikely market: faux wine for cats. Although most felines don’t seem that impressed with cat wine, the founder of Apollo Peak makes a case for the humanization of pets: “A pet is more like a friend, a roommate or a family member…why are we just feeding them water?”

The New York Times

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

App Lets Parents Monitor Kids Remotely

Brightwheel, an app that allows educators and child care providers to send parents mobile updates about their kids, raised $10 million in VC funding. The app also handles payments—but its primary function undoubtedly will be to keep Xers and Millennials apprised of how their Homelander children are doing throughout the day.


02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

"Fiduciary Responsibility" Rule In Doubt

President Trump ordered the U.S Department of Labor to reconsider a pending fiduciary rule that will force financial advisers to put their clients’ interests first. But as columnist Ben Steverman points out, the damage to the financial industry is already done: Investors will never again be blind to the perils of active money management.

Bloomberg Businessweek

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

NHL Shoots for Higher Millennial Engagement

The NHL recently poached former Pandora marketing executive Heidi Browning with the goal of attracting younger fans. Like most major pro sports leagues, the NHL hopes that investing in cutting-edge technology (including VR) and new social media initiatives will win over a new generation of viewers.

The Wall Street Journal

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Xer Reminisces About Pre-Digital Era

Gen-X contributor Lisa Goodman-Helfand lists 10 tidbits about her non-digital college experience. From writing letters to her friends to keeping phone conversations short to limit long-distance charges, this Xer is proud of her “Googleless college memories” and acknowledges that her generation may be the last to remember a non-digital past.

The Huffington Post

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

The Key to Attracting Millennial Employees

Contributor Stan Phelps argues that sending Millennials to remote-working locations that “inspire” them is a good way to boost engagement. While this strategy may turn some heads, true Millennial appeal starts with frequent feedback, career mentoring, and purpose-filled work.


02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomer Hit Hard by Housing Crash

A recent column details the story of one Boomer who lost all of her assets during the housing crash and was forced to leave California for Iowa. Her tale is not a one-off: Many Boomers with expensive tastes have been forced to take drastic measures (like working far into retirement) just to get by.

The Wall Street Journal

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

CPG Megamerger Falls Through

Talks of a $140 billion megamerger between Kraft and Unilever fell through this week. The ill-fated deal would have provided these CPG firms a valuable buffer against shoppers who are abandoning “middle-aisle” supermarket products for natural options.

CNN Money

02/24/2017 — from NewsWire

SoFi Lends Job-Seekers a Hand

Online lender SoFi does more than just hand out loans—it pairs out-of-work customers with career counselors who will help them find a job. The initiative is about more than ensuring that its customers can pay back loans; it’s about establishing a bond with Millennials who feel neglected by big banks.


02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Young Drivers Taking Risks

Nearly all 19- to 24-year-olds (88.4%) admit to engaging in at least one risky driving behavior (such as texting while driving) during the past month, the highest share of any age group. Though Millennials are a fairly cautious bunch, their attachment to smartphones is contributing to their risky decision-making on the road.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Some Boomers Upsizing to Dream Homes

Instead of downsizing as they age, some Boomers are “upsizing” into the retirement homes of their dreams. In addition to serving as a “home base” for family and adult children, larger homes provide a place to socialize, according to Boomer Cindi King: “We decided we wanted bigger, more open space and we like to entertain.”


02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Health Insurers Abandon Planned Merger

Aetna decided not to appeal a federal ruling blocking its planned merger with Humana, effectively ending the deal. Until the GOP comes up with an ACA replacement, insurers are pinned between a rock (the prohibitively costly public exchanges) and a hard place (regulators who keep them from teaming up).

Bloomberg Business

02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Employed Millennial Still Lives at Home

Millennial Rajaa Elidrissi explains why she still lives at home even though she’s fully employed. It’s all part of the plan for this financially responsible Millennial, who says her goal is “achieving actual financial independence, and being debt-free, by the age of 25.”


02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Xer YouTube Nostalgia

A recent study finds that 75% of Xers watch YouTube videos that relate to past events or people. Though nostalgia is hardly unique to Generation X, media professional Justine Bloome correctly observes that Xers have the unique ability to tangibly access decades of memories through YouTube.


02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

U.K. Xer Pumps Up His Generation

U.K. Xer David Barnett says that his generation possesses the best characteristics of Boomers and Millennials without the downsides. He stakes his claim using some sound (if exaggerated) examples, including: “Boomers don’t understand the Internet and Millennials were raised on it. Generation X created it.”

02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Verizon Bringing Back Unlimited Data

After eliminating unlimited data plans back in 2011, Verizon has announced that it is bringing them back. Verizon CFO Mark Ellis recently said he didn’t think the company needed unlimited data plans to beat its competitors—but the prospect of a combined AT&T-Time Warner clearly changes things.


02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Immobile Millennials

In 2016, just 20% of 25- to 35-year-olds said they had changed addresses in the past year—down from 26% of Xers in 2000 and 27% of Boomers in 1990. Risk-averse Millennials are turned off by the prospect of uprooting themselves from their communities and social groups and moving to a new city where a job is not guaranteed.

The Wall Street Journal

02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

Facebook: Coming to Your Smart TV

Facebook will soon introduce apps for a number of smart TVs, including the Apple TV. While this change enables Facebook to branch out from online-only ads, it doesn’t change the fact that the entire ad universe is a fixed revenue pie, making the ad business a zero-sum game.

CNN Money

02/17/2017 — from NewsWire

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