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Majority of Millennials Are Active Savers

Fully 81% of Millennials are saving money in some capacity, compared to 74% of Generation X and 77% of Boomers. Whether they are saving for a home or a vacation, Millennials have learned from previous generations’ financial mistakes and taking proactive steps as they plan for the future.


02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

The Breakfast Club Captures Gen-X Flair

Columnist Lorraine Zago Rosenthal reviews the re-release of The Breakfast Club and notes its quintessential Gen-X flair. He hits the nail on the head: This movie captures the misunderstood, devil-may-care attitude of Xer teens.


02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Stock Market Volatility Scares Millennials

The recent stock market plunge has given Millennials, who were already skittish about stocks, even more pause. While Millennials are in the prime life stage for shifting toward risky, high-upside stocks, this generation can’t forget the financial turmoil the stock market caused when they were young.

The New York Times

02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Kids Just Don't Play Like They Used To

Dr. Perri Klass discusses how true “playtime” has eroded among today’s kids. While Boomers and Xers were let loose to play outside until it got dark, Millennials and Homelanders have been increasingly asked to perform structured tasks like studying and “constrained tinkering.”

The New York Times

02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Boomers Prefer "Granddude" Over "Grandpa"

Boomers are asking their grandkids to call them by distinctive names like “Faux Pa,” “Z,” and “Grandude.” It comes as no surprise that individualistic and youth-fetishizing Boomers can’t let their grandchildren call them “Grandpa” or “Grandma.”

The New York Times

02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

WeWork Just Gets the Millennial Mindset

Columnist Laura Bliss says stepping into a WeWork location is “like entering the Millennial id.” It’s not just craft beer and cucumber water that makes co-working spaces a good Millennial fit—it’s the collaborative energy created by WeWork’s very business model.

The Atlantic

02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Budweiser Loses Its Crown

The king is dead: Budweiser has fallen out of the top three best-selling beer brands in the United States. Like its peers, Budweiser is mostly an afterthought to Millennials who prefer wine and craft beer—if they’re not abstaining from alcohol consumption entirely.


02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Laying Down the Law on Emojis

Courts and lawyers face a new quandary: how to interpret emojis used in critical communications. The informal brand of digital-age communication ushered in by Millennials poses a problem for legal experts faced with decoding the true meaning behind a text or e-mail.

The Wall Street Journal

02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Reports of Suburbia's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Since 2010, the 65+ population in the outer suburbs (+5.7% annually) and exurbs (+4.3%) has grown more than twice as fast as the population in the inner urban core (+2.2%). Clearly, given the size of the Boomer cohorts now moving past age 65, reports of suburbia’s death are greatly exaggerated.

02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Millennials and Xers Sour on Valentine's Day

The majority of Australian Millennials and Gen Xers (51% of women and 68% of men) don’t care about Valentine’s Day. Younger generations are more interested in experiences than things—which likely dampens their enthusiasm for this consumerist holiday.


02/12/2018 — from NewsWire

Wales Prepares to Ban Physical Discipline

Wales is preparing a nationwide ban on the physical discipline of children. Ever since the arrival of the fiercely protected Millennial Generation, spanking and other forms of corporal punishment have fallen out of favor in much of the world.

The New York Times

02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Japanese Town Actively Promotes Increased Fertility

Nagicho, Japan has seen its fertility rate roughly double since 2005 thanks largely to increased spending on family incentive programs. The small town—where new families get everything from subsidized baby accessories to a government-provided cash payout—may be a useful test case for other rapidly aging populations in the region.

The Economist

02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

16% of Millennials Have Saved $100,000

Fully 16% of Millennials have already saved over $100,000. The study concludes that although Millennials have had a rough financial start, “Millennials are actually doing better than you—or they—might think.”

Bank of America

02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Walmart Addresses the Opiod Epidemic

Walmart will soon begin offering a free package of DisposeRx (which dissolves unused medication) with every opioid prescription. While this is a laudable effort to curtail the opioid epidemic, the real problem in most areas is the overprescription of these dangerous drugs in the first place.


02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Public Health Set To Experience a Boomer Exodus

Researchers estimate that roughly one-quarter of public health care workers are set to retire in the coming years thanks to a mass exodus of Boomers. While the huge size of the Millennial Generation could make up the difference, this generational shift will undoubtedly require huge amounts of outreach and training to keep institutional knowledge from walking out the door.

American Journal of Preventative Medicine

02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Millennials Go Bald

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Millennials may be losing their hair earlier than previous generations. Possible explanations range from this generation’s higher relative stress levels to the growing popularity of vegetarian (and nutrient-poor) diets.


02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Toys Prepare Children For the Workplace

John Goodwin, head of the Lego Foundation, argues that children need to play more to develop workplace skills. While Goodwin has a vested interest in making sure that kids play with toys, it is true that kids these days are forced into structured activities that don’t necessarily foster the problem-solving skills needed in the workplace.


02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Amazon Opens a Checkout-Free Convenience Store

Amazon has opened a brick-and-mortar convenience store in Seattle that eliminates the checkout process entirely; shoppers are automatically charged via app for each item they put in their basket. The e-commerce giant is intent on using futuristic technology and M&As to make inroads in physical retail.


02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

Boomers Kill The Early-Bird Special

Floridian Boomers are killing off the early-bird special. While the Silent Generation loved the “fully packaged experience that brings elderly people together,” individualistic Boomers would rather live out their retirement on their own terms.


02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

High Schools Swap Lockers for Shared Cubbies

High schools nationwide are scaling back on individual student lockers, replacing them with shared storage cubbies. While previous generations of teens used lockers as a home base to store their stuff and socialize with friends, Millennials tote heavy backpacks from class to class just in case they have time for a quick study session between periods.

The Washington Post

02/05/2018 — from NewsWire

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