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Amazon's Air Delivery Network

Amazon executives have announced that the company will lease 20 Boeing 767s from Air Transport Services Group for five to seven years. The move is an expansion of last year’s pilot program...
03/25/2016 — from Brand Alert

UberPool Carpooling Service

UberPool, launched in San Francisco in 2014, has expanded to three other California cities (Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda). The service—also available in locales like Washington, D.C., Chicago, and...
03/11/2016 — from Brand Alert

ESPN's Heroes of the Dorm Broadcast

ESPN will broadcast the annual Heroes of the Dorm college e-sports tournament for a second consecutive year. Next month, gamers from different colleges will play Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm...
02/26/2016 — from Brand Alert

The New A&F—Tamer and Cooler

Starting in 2014 when the fashion giant said it was moving away from logos, Abercrombie has undertaken a massive shift away from the exclusionary, hyper-sexed icon of yesteryear...
02/12/2016 — from Brand Alert

GoPro's Periscope Integration

Action camera maker GoPro is integrating its top-shelf Hero 4 Silver and Black cameras with Periscope’s iOS livestreaming app. Thanks to the partnership, GoPro owners will now be able to...
01/29/2016 — from Brand Alert

HBO's Kids Line

HBO is adding a slate of kid-friendly programming to its TV lineup, as well as rolling out new “Kids” sections within its mobile apps, HBO Go and HBO Now. Thanks to deals with content creators...
01/15/2016 — from Brand Alert

B8ta's Brick-and-Mortar Gadget Store

Internet of Things (IoT) retailer B8ta has opened a 1,400-square-foot retail outpost in Palo Alto. At the store, customers can try out gadgets before they buy: All products sit in open displays...
01/04/2016 — from Brand Alert

SoFi's Lending Network

SoFi, a financial technology (“FinTech”) startup, offers to refinance federal student loans for low-risk borrowers. The company boasts fixed rates as low as 3.5 percent and variable rates starting at...
12/18/2015 — from Brand Alert

Community Health Systems' VirtualHealthNow

Community Health Systems, the second-largest U.S. for-profit hospital chain, now offers 24/7 telehealth appointments with a physician. After creating a free account on the VirtualHealthNow...
12/04/2015 — from Brand Alert

Square Payroll

Square Payroll is a software-based employee management platform. For $20 per month (plus $5 for each employee), small business owners can use the service to track worker hours and schedules...
11/20/2015 — from Brand Alert

Bustle's Romper Website

Media outlet Bustle has unveiled a standalone website, called Romper, geared toward Millennial new (or soon-to-be) mothers. The up-and-running site, designed specifically for easy mobile viewing...
11/06/2015 — from Brand Alert

Harley-Davidson's Motorcycle Boot Camp

Motorcycle Boot Camp is a training program aimed at young adults. For no cost, people can grab their friends and head to any Harley-Davidson dealership for a crash course in Motorcycle 101...
10/23/2015 — from Brand Alert

Quirky's Crowdsourced Invention Platform

Quirky was a website on which users could propose new inventions, suggest tweaks to each other’s ideas, and vote on products to bring to market. The company had 1 million users and generated...
10/09/2015 — from Brand Alert

Facebook's M Virtual Assistant

M is a Siri-like virtual assistant accessible from within the Facebook Messenger app. The service functions primarily using AI, with human operators standing by in case of a tricky inquiry...
09/25/2015 — from Brand Alert

Apple's Fourth-Generation TV

The newest in Apple’s line of over-the-top devices, this fourth-generation model will offer several game-changing features, including universal voice search across all apps, a dedicated App Store...
09/11/2015 — from Brand Alert

Outdoorsy's RV Rental Marketplace

A new platform that allows RV owners to rent out their vehicles to interested travelers. For anywhere between $65 and $650 per night depending on desired level of comfort—plus a 10 percent service fee...
08/28/2015 — from Brand Alert

KinderLab's KIBO Robot Kit

A robot kit designed for children ages 4 to 7. The kit contains a set of blocks, each depicting a different command along with a barcode (for example, a forward arrow means “move ahead 1 foot”), and a robot with a scanner...
08/17/2015 — from Brand Alert

Yahoo's Livetext Video Messenger

A hybrid mobile messaging app that allows users to merge text and video (think videochat without the chat). Available for free on both Android and Apple phones...
07/31/2015 — from Brand Alert

MasterCard's Facial-Scan Verification

A feature available through the MasterCard app that will allow users to verify online purchases by taking a selfie. Using facial recognition technology, the app will...
07/17/2015 — from Brand Alert

Starwood Capital Group's 1 Hotels

1 Hotels is the latest iteration of the high-end hotel-as-destination movement, with a twist: The buildings are constructed sustainably, featuring “living walls” made out of ivy and rooftops built from reincorporated wood...
06/19/2015 — from Brand Alert

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