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Apps Are the New Coupons

As retail has exploded into the e-commerce age, so too has the old art of coupon-clipping—in principle, at least. Shoppers no longer have to wait for an item to go on sale...
01/22/2018 — from Did You Know?

Graying Action Stars Still Pack a Punch

When The Commuter hit box offices last Friday, lead actor Liam Neeson became just the latest sexagenarian to defy the action genre’s “young tough guy” stereotype...
01/15/2018 — from Did You Know?

Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

Faux Christmas trees have long been a faux pas, relegated to the storage closet in favor of the real thing. But now, as The Wall Street Journal reports...
01/08/2018 — from Did You Know?

Meet Me at the Pool

As team-oriented fitness enthusiasts, Millennials have driven up the demand for activities like SoulCycle and Zumba that allow them to get in shape with a group of friends...
12/18/2017 — from Did You Know?

The Beat Goes On

Have a ratty old band T-shirt buried in the back of your closet? You may be sitting on a gold mine: The Wall Street Journal reports that vintage band tees are back in style...
12/11/2017 — from Did You Know?

Streaming Killed the Radio Star

Thanks to the dramatic rise of streaming services, old-school radio DJs have lost their power as hit makers. Increasingly, radio stations rely on what’s popular on Spotify and Apple Music...
11/27/2017 — from Did You Know?

The New Golf Course

Affluent families have long sought homes situated near pristine golf courses and swanky country clubs. But now, in many places around the country...
11/20/2017 — from Did You Know?

Oh Give Me a Home

We’ve written before that reports of a Millennial homeownership boom have been greatly exaggerated. But some firms are trying to win over young renters...
11/13/2017 — from Did You Know?

Big Booze Binges on Wellness

Alcohol-soaked industries have set their sights on a new type of customer: wellness enthusiasts. Big Beer titan AB InBev...
11/06/2017 — from Did You Know?

Polarization Soars in Trump's America

Five years ago, we pointed out that political polarization in the United States was on the rise. New data from Pew Research Center show that, in the years since, the problem has gotten much worse...
10/30/2017 — from Did You Know?

Homeownership for Dummies

We identified home remodeling as a nascent growth area four years ago. Now, as more Millennials are buying homes, home improvement retailers are...
10/23/2017 — from Did You Know?

Nightclubs Go Gray

We’ve written before about how clean-living Millennials are giving the nightclub industry a hangover. As a result, club owners have set their sights on a new crowd...
10/16/2017 — from Did You Know?

Haggling Made Easy

The rise of non-confrontational Millennials has transformed negotiation into a lost art. Armed with e-commerce platforms and automatic bill payment services...
10/09/2017 — from Did You Know?

Experience the Ad Revolution

We’ve discussed before how brands are struggling to get themselves heard in an age of ad blockers and cord-cutting. Some firms believe they’ve found the answer: experiential marketing...
10/02/2017 — from Did You Know?

Show Me Your Money

As we’ve written before, finances have become a key factor for Millennials evaluating a potential suitor. But this generation’s habit of cohabiting before marriage...
09/25/2017 — from Did You Know?

It Takes a Virtual Village

Raising a child is a costly endeavor full of packed schedules and plenty of headaches. But the sharing economy is here to help...
09/18/2017 — from Did You Know?

The Gilded Sharing Economy

We’ve written before about how Airbnb-style platforms pose a threat to the hotel industry’s bottom line. Now, these services are even starting to compete...
09/11/2017 — from Did You Know?

Rec Rooms Get Comfy

When hands-on parenting came into vogue, homebuyers began eschewing isolated rec rooms in favor of open floor plans...
09/04/2017 — from Did You Know?

If at First You Don’t Succeed

Nobody likes to fail. But a growing number of brands are attempting to turn failure into a badge of honor...
08/28/2017 — from Did You Know?

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