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Tender Loving Androids

The race is on to develop the next frontier of AI: humanlike robots that display high levels of emotional intelligence.
07/27/2017 — from Social Intelligence

Do Brands Need Safe Spaces?

The close, personalized bonds brands seek to form with consumers are becoming more fraught in a polarized era.
06/07/2017 — from Social Intelligence

A Special Price Just for You

Personalized pricing programs are being helped along by new legislation, revolutionary technology, and less competitive markets.
04/12/2017 — from Social Intelligence

Banking on Fewer Regulations

Trump is targeting the Dodd-Frank Act—a move that may benefit small business, but certainly benefits big banks.
03/01/2017 — from Social Intelligence

The Spread of the Pink-Collar Economy

Blue-collar jobs continue to lose ground to pink-collar jobs—a trend with major implications for workers and the economy at large.
02/15/2017 — from Social Intelligence

Donald Trump: You're Hired!

An interview with Neil Howe on the results of the 2016 election—and its potential aftermath.
11/23/2016 — from Social Intelligence

Why Americans Are Working Less

The U.S. labor force participation rate of prime-age adults continues to fall—with major implications for the economy and for businesses.
10/12/2016 — from Social Intelligence

The End of Monetary Policy?

As central banks around the world slash interest rates, persistent low growth may necessitate a shift to fiscal policy.
09/14/2016 — from Social Intelligence

The Global Economy Gears Down

Even before Brexit, global growth was decelerating—what does this mean looking ahead?
07/20/2016 — from Social Intelligence

Global Brexplosion!

An interview with Neil Howe on why Brexit is a wrecking ball—and how it is rocking markets.
07/06/2016 — from Social Intelligence

More Deaths, Fewer Births

Preliminary CDC 2015 data on mortality and fertility are in—and the news is not good.
06/22/2016 — from Social Intelligence

So Happy (Living and Working) Together

Co-working and co-living have surged in popularity in recent years—thanks to the lifestyle habits of Millennials.
05/25/2016 — from Social Intelligence

Millennials: Are We There Yet?

An interview with Neil Howe examining trends in Millennial homeownership and family life.
05/11/2016 — from Social Intelligence

All in the Family Marketing

Brands across an array of industries are engaging in intergenerational marketing—a smart move in a world where family is more important than ever.
04/13/2016 — from Social Intelligence

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