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A Nation Hooked

With the death toll climbing across all age groups, the opioid crisis has become America’s biggest public health challenge.
06/23/2017 — from Culture Watch

Are Kids “Overruled”?

More and more rules are springing up to protect and guide kids and teens into adulthood—but do they go too far?
05/12/2017 — from Culture Watch

You’re Not the Man Your Father Was

Traditional ideas about manhood are getting a shakeup as today’s lower-androgen men grapple with both physiological and social change.
04/28/2017 — from Culture Watch

U.S. Fertility: Down for the Count

The anticipated birthrate rebound still hasn’t happened—and generational trends suggest that it likely won’t.
02/06/2017 — from Culture Watch

A Generation of Page-Turners

Surprise: Millennials are outreading their elders, and print books remain their format of choice.
12/23/2016 — from Culture Watch

The Will to Secede

The growing urban-rural divide in politics is fueling the rise of secessionism in Europe—a trend that could reshape the world as the know it.
12/09/2016 — from Culture Watch

I Will Survive

Survivalism is a growing trend that isn’t going away anytime soon—thanks to mounting pessimism about the future and changing generational attitudes.
11/11/2016 — from Culture Watch

A Good Year for Middle America

According to Census data, real median income jumped in 2015—but this surge is strictly temporary.
09/30/2016 — from Culture Watch

The New Rules of the Creative Economy

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to pursue your artistic passions, but generally harder to live off of them.
07/22/2016 — from Culture Watch

Valley of Dreams

For Millennials, Silicon Valley doubles as the ultimate symbol of success and a revealing glimpse into their perspective on the world.
05/13/2016 — from Culture Watch

Diagnosing Trumpism

Donald Trump has tapped into a forgotten demographic of voters—triggering passions that may cause a major political realignment in 2016.
03/18/2016 — from Culture Watch

Under the (Social) Influence

Brands are increasingly relying on influencers to pitch their products—an old marketing strategy retooled for a new generation of consumers.
02/19/2016 — from Culture Watch

Where the Wild Things Aren't

As Millennials have come of age, young adult entertainment has softened—a trend with profound generational undercurrents.
02/05/2016 — from Culture Watch

A Lesson in Education Reform

The federal government has loosened the reins on education reform—but will states and localities be in control for the long haul?
01/22/2016 — from Culture Watch

Patent Nonsense

Stories of waste and abuse across the patent system are renewing calls for reform that suits a digital world.
01/08/2016 — from Culture Watch

America the Gloomy

Americans are deeply dissatisfied with the nation’s government and the state of politics—but there’s a lot more to the story.
12/11/2015 — from Culture Watch

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