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Supermarkets Bite Back

Thanks to a boom in sharing-economy platforms and delivery services promising prepared (or cook-ready) food from virtually anywhere, consumers don’t have to leave their homes to grab a bite to eat...
05/22/2017 — from Did You Know?

Toy Stores Sell Out of "Fidget Spinners"

Toy stores are selling out of “fidget spinners,” devices that restless children can use to keep their hands occupied. It’s fitting that this toy is exploding in popularity among the very generation that has sent youth ADHD rates skyrocketing in recent years.


05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Boomers Join Aging-In-Place "Villages"

More Boomers are joining aging-in-place “villages” that connect active seniors. While previous generations used these villages for their services (like finding a ride to the supermarket), Boomers are now using them for the social component (like finding a bike-riding group or a wine-tasting buddy).

The Washington Post

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Mars Takes Dog Food to the Bank

Mars now earns $100 million annually from its “Home Delights” line of wet dog food featuring dishes, like beef stroganoff, that look and smell like human food. These appetizing entrees are designed for today’s pet owners who consider their furry friends part of the family

The Wall Street Journal

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Columnist Revists Douglas Coupland's Generation X

Columnist Laura Miller rereads Douglas Coupland’s Generation X and muses about the eponymous generation. Even after all these years, Generation X’s signature traits of cynicism, irony, and melancholy still ring true.


05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Millennials Fuel the Rise in Virtual Assistants

Fully 34% of Millennials will use virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa this year—making them the heaviest users by generation. For Millennials who are used to asking their parents or turning to the Internet for help, virtual assistants are just another practical tool to help them with everyday tasks.


05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Ad Revenue Drain Hits YouTube Personalities

Some YouTube personalities are seeing their ad revenue plummet by as much as three-quarters despite their video traffic remaining unchanged (or even growing). The unexpected drop, which has hit niche performers hardest, could be traced to anything from less cash in the system to brands being more selective about which content to sponsor

The New York Times

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Millionaire Shames Millennials Over Avocado Toast

Australian millionaire Tim Gurner told Millennials struggling to save for a home to stop splurging on avocado toast and coffee, a comment that was not well received by young people. Millennials were quick to point out that their biggest fixed costs—rent, student loan payments, and health insurance—have nothing to do with brunch.

The Washington Post

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Contributor Offers Tips on How to Raise Self-Reliant Kids

Contributor Ben Sasse, parent of three young children, offers several tips for parents who want to raise self-reliant kids. While much of Sasse’s advice touches on important themes, Millennials are already displaying many of the characteristics that he addresses (“embrace the pain of work” and “become truly literate,” for instance).

The Wall Street Journal

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Aging Boomers Continue to Outdrink Millennials

Contributor Zoe Strimpel is not surprised that Boomers are outdrinking Millennials as they enter old age. She makes a solid point: Boomers’ repressed childhoods resulted in decades of party-hardy behavior; Meanwhile, Millennials’ sheltered childhoods resulted in tame (and sober) behavior.

The Telegraph

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

Political Environment Hurts Millennials' Relationships

Fully 38% of Millennials with a significant other say that the current political environment has had a negative impact on their relationship, higher than the national average (29%). Many optimistic Millennials undoubtedly struggle to find common ground with partners who support the divisive commander-in-chief.

Wakefield Research

05/19/2017 — from NewsWire

A (Manmade) Diamond is Forever

The gemstone industry is at a crossroads. Consultancy Bain estimates that global diamond production will peak in 2019. Meanwhile, legions of Millennials...
05/15/2017 — from Did You Know?

Are Kids “Overruled”?

More and more rules are springing up to protect and guide kids and teens into adulthood—but do they go too far?
05/12/2017 — from Culture Watch

French President Becomes The Latest Gen-X World Leader

Following his landslide victory on Sunday, new French President Emmanuel Macron has become the latest Gen-X leader of a major world power. As contributor Paul Smalera notes, the generation that waited for its turn in the political spotlight is having its moment: “Some dropped out of the race, yes, but some quietly prepared for the day when they wouldn’t be beholden to the world that their elders created.”


05/12/2017 — from NewsWire

Satirical Music Video Follows Millennial's Failed House Hunt

In a new satirical music video, a 20-something moves back in with his parents after failing to find a suitable home in his price range. Echoing the concerns of many Millennials, the man in the video laments: “In the ‘80s my dad bought a house and a car. I’ll be 80 when I can get those.”


05/12/2017 — from NewsWire

Silent and Boomers Guilty of Social Media Sins

Columnist Teddy Wayne notes how Silent and Boomers are guilty of engaging in childish and narcissistic behavior on social media. But these seniors aren’t solely at fault: “Peer pressure can alter the behavior of any user, even one eligible for Social Security.”

The New York Times

05/12/2017 — from NewsWire

Connected Tech Services Give Parents Real-Time Updates

New connected tech services like Brightwheel and ClassDojo allow parents to get real-time updates on their child’s day at school. These apps are a win for attentive Xer and Millennial parents who want to stay in the loop and to make sure their little ones are on track.

Cassandra Report

05/12/2017 — from NewsWire

Contributor Skeptical of GOP's Agenda for Wall Street

Contributor Linette Lopez is bearish on the GOP agenda of attempting to stimulate economic growth by loosening Wall Street regulations. She correctly points out that unfavorable demographics—i.e., midlife Boomers being replaced by vastly smaller cohorts of Xers—is a problem that financial policy cannot fix

Business Insider

05/12/2017 — from NewsWire

Documentary Highlights A Favorite Xer Radio Station

A new documentary, Dare to be Different, chronicles Long Island radio station WLIR, which earned cult status in the ‘80s for forwarding Xer favorites like the Cure and the Ramones. The film’s name comes from the title of the WLIR campaign that won over Xers with its unique blend of nihilism and working-class overtones.


05/12/2017 — from NewsWire

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