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Apps Are the New Coupons

As retail has exploded into the e-commerce age, so too has the old art of coupon-clipping—in principle, at least. Shoppers no longer have to wait for an item to go on sale...
01/22/2018 — from Did You Know?

After #MeToo, What’s Next?

The public reckoning over sexual harassment and assault is making waves in a nation poised for change.
01/18/2018 — from Culture Watch

Millennials Aren't Sold on Bitcoin

CNBC interviewed college students to get their opinion on Bitcoin—and the results were hardly encouraging. While many admitted they saw the appeal of Bitcoin, others were fearful of a bubble and said they would much rather invest in time-tested assets like stocks, which speaks to this generation’s risk-averse mindset.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Americans Get It On for the Holidays

A new broad-scale study finds a correlation between major family-oriented religious holidays (like Christmas in the United States) and higher interest in sex. Cultural factors have long been known to play a part in the timing of fertility-rate fluctuations worldwide—a relationship that, until now, has been difficult to quantify.

Scientific Reports

01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

2017 Ranks As the Year of Gen-X References

NPR host Kelly McEvers says that 2017 was “the year of Gen-X references” in popular entertainment. From Stranger Things and its homage to the latchkey-kids-on-bikes genre to the Full House reboot, it’s clear that Xer studio heads are exerting their power to bring back some of their childhood favorites.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Boomers Laugh In the Face of Death

Columnist Mark Kennedy notices a new informality and humor in newspaper obituary sections that he attributes to Boomers. A Boomer himself, Kennedy quips: “We’ve put our imprint on everything else for almost 70 years. Why not death?”

Chattanooga Times Free Press

01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Millennials Turn to Their Farming Roots

Kimbal Musk’s accelerator, Square Roots, is helping Millennials quit their office jobs and become farmers. For this generation, farming isn’t just about selling crops, but about using sustainable practices and producing organic food to make a difference in the world.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Russia's Demographics Are Anomalous

Data from Russia’s statistics agency indicate that there were over 100,000 more deaths than births in the country during the first 10 months of 2017. These data are indicative of a historical anomaly: a falling absolute number of births (due to unfavorable demographics) combined with rising fertility rates.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

Millennials in Catalonia Embrace Eurosceptic Ideals

Millennials in Catalonia are leading the charge for independence. Still feeling the effects of the Great Recession and looking for new options, Millennials across Europe are embracing Eurosceptic ideals.


01/17/2018 — from NewsWire

All Toys Allowed for Today's Kids

Millennials are more likely than older generations to say parents should encourage young children to play with toys and participate in activities associated with the opposite gender. A stigma-free generation that discourages the use of labels, Millennials want children to have the right to choose how they play.

Pew Research Center

01/15/2018 — from NewsWire

Graying Action Stars Still Pack a Punch

When The Commuter hit box offices last Friday, lead actor Liam Neeson became just the latest sexagenarian to defy the action genre’s “young tough guy” stereotype...
01/15/2018 — from Did You Know?

Net Neutrality Is Dead, or Is It?

Net neutrality critics are celebrating the repeal of key Internet regulations, but the battle is not over—indeed, it may have just begun.
01/11/2018 — from Social Intelligence

Retailers Have Yet to Understand Millennials

Contributor Barry Ritholtz argues that retailers haven’t yet realized that Millennials don’t seek fulfillment through shopping like their Boomer parents. Today’s young consumers have traded materialism for experiences—and retailers that can’t figure out how to take advantage of this shift are falling by the wayside.

Bloomberg Business

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

Employers Embrace "Pawternity Leave"

More employers are allowing pets in the office, with some even offering “pawternity leave” to workers who need time off to care for their furry friends. These pro-pet policies have become particularly popular in urban centers like New York City, where dog leashes are more common than baby carriages among Millennial urbanites.

The Wall Street Journal

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

Pantera Bitcoin Fund Surges

The Pantera Bitcoin Fund, a hedge fund launched in 2013, has returned a mind-boggling 25,000% over the life of the fund. Success stories like these are inspiring unbridled bullishness among investors—who will be sorry once this Bitcoin bubble eventually bursts.

The New York Times

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

WeWork Acquires Meetup

WeWork has acquired Meetup, a social network designed to help people organize in-person gatherings. The deal has synergy for both sides: WeWork expands its possible user base, while Meetup harnesses WeWork’s physical footprint to offer Millennials a cool place to convene.

The New York Times

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

Boomers Warm Up to Retirement Communities

Aging Boomers are starting to see the appeal of age-restricted communities. While retirement communities have a bad reputation among this forever-young generation, many Boomers who decided to age in place are not accepting the title of “old people next door” very well.

The New York Times

01/08/2018 — from NewsWire

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