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Pet Care: The Four-Legged Bull Market

The pet care industry is on a roll—which won’t stop anytime soon thanks to changing generational attitudes.
02/22/2017 — from Investor Insights

The Spread of the Pink-Collar Economy

Blue-collar jobs continue to lose ground to pink-collar jobs—a trend with major implications for workers and the economy at large.
02/15/2017 — from Social Intelligence

How (and Where) to Bet on Big Tobacco

Though unfavorable demographics threaten the industry, firms that are well positioned abroad could prosper.
02/08/2017 — from Investor Insights

U.S. Fertility: Down for the Count

The anticipated birthrate rebound still hasn’t happened—and generational trends suggest that it likely won’t.
02/06/2017 — from Culture Watch

Killing ACA: Easier Said Than Done

The GOP is finally in a position to repeal the ACA once and for all—but what comes next is still unknown.
01/25/2017 — from Investor Insights

Why Restaurants Are Starving

The restaurant industry is struggling—though some chains have found a recipe for Millennial success.
12/28/2016 — from Investor Insights

A Generation of Page-Turners

Surprise: Millennials are outreading their elders, and print books remain their format of choice.
12/23/2016 — from Culture Watch

The Will to Secede

The growing urban-rural divide in politics is fueling the rise of secessionism in Europe—a trend that could reshape the world as the know it.
12/09/2016 — from Culture Watch

The Lapse of Luxury

Over the past two years, luxury brands have been struggling—thanks to more cautious affluent consumers and changing generational preferences.
11/30/2016 — from Investor Insights

Donald Trump: You're Hired!

An interview with Neil Howe on the results of the 2016 election—and its potential aftermath.
11/23/2016 — from Social Intelligence

I Will Survive

Survivalism is a growing trend that isn’t going away anytime soon—thanks to mounting pessimism about the future and changing generational attitudes.
11/11/2016 — from Culture Watch

Under the Hood of the Auto Industry

Between economic and generational headwinds, the auto industry has a rough road ahead—leaving investors wondering if the industry is worth the risk.
10/19/2016 — from Investor Insights

Why Americans Are Working Less

The U.S. labor force participation rate of prime-age adults continues to fall—with major implications for the economy and for businesses.
10/12/2016 — from Social Intelligence

A Good Year for Middle America

According to Census data, real median income jumped in 2015—but this surge is strictly temporary.
09/30/2016 — from Culture Watch

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