Forecast Intelligence

Saeculum Research helps our corporate clients navigate systematic risk by using a proprietary, multidisciplinary approach to strategic planning. Our models are based on four primary disciplines: demography, economics, technology, and generational theory. We help draw a map of the future and determine the best way to navigate new territory, maximize opportunities, and minimize obstacles.

By looking at the changing nature of demography, economics, and generations, we gauge the conditions that surround and influence both customers and employees.

Custom Research

Once or twice a year, we partner with an organization on a large custom research project. We recently worked with the Congressional Institute on an in-depth survey and analysis on the Millennials as a political generation and ways the GOP can attract them as voters. In the spring of 2015, we presented a paper on postwar economic mobility from a generational perspective at the U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s annual policy conference in Washington, DC. The research was conducted in conjunction with researchers at the Pew Charitable Trusts at the request of the Federal Reserve.

Direct Access

Saeculum’s Direct Access platform provides one-on-one access to Neil Howe and his team of senior researchers via phone, email, and in-person meetings, allowing you to dive deeper into your areas of interest. The Direct Access offering may also include keynote-speaking engagements and participation in annual meetings and client events.

Neil Howe’s personal advice has been sought by top executives worldwide, including members of the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, U.S. Military four-star generals, Fortune 100 CEOs, renowned investors, and leading economists.


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